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Welcome, Valued Customer

Dear Ontogen Botanicals Customer,
Ontogen believes in empowering you with the ability to measure and keep track of your health gains when using Ontogen CBD products. Knowing what conditions you are trying to address using Ontogen CBD can direct our new formulations toward the most common conditions affecting our customers.
These questionnaire answers are your own personal data that you can add to in the future to have evidence of the degree to which Ontogen products are helping you.
You can choose whether or not you would like to anonymously share your results for Ontogen product research as well as advance the study of cannabis therapies. Ontogen can provide anonymous data to help cannabinoid researchers work on many different health conditions.
Check the box below to help advance the cannabinoid research. Your actual identity will never, ever, be shared with anyone. If you do not check the box below 100% of your data and progress will remain private and unavailable to scientists.

What medical issues are you currently dealing with? (select all that apply):

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